Montsalvat Arts Community

Since the 1930's, Montsalvat has been an inspiration to various artists, from painter Helen Lempriere to the Rolling Stones, who held a press conference here in 1971. Founder Justus Jörgensen stamped his own exceptional creative talent in the buildings and grounds, laying the foundations for other artists to explore and celebrate their own creativity within Montsalvat’s magical surrounds.

From those heady early days, Montsalvat’s Arts Community has grown to include:

• Local and international visual and performing artists who either exhibit or
  perform as part of our exhibitions or creative arts programs.
• School children of all ages and tertiary students who have found creative
   inspiration during workshops, excursions and photography and film shoots.
• Artists involved in our Artist in Residence Program which hosts local and
  international artists from a diversity of arts practice.
• Artists in our many studios on site who contribute greatly to Montsalvat’s
  creative energy, some offering workshops to the public. Click here to see
  details of the various classes and workshops available.
• Writers who launch their books and collections of poems at Montsalvat.
• Participants in our literary festivals
• Artists who present at The Red Chair event which we host in partnership with
  the Nillumbik Shire Council

In short, the Montsalvat Arts Community includes a plethora of national and internationally acclaimed artists and artisans from a wide variety of arts practices.

If you're interested in becoming a part of our arts community by way of holding an exhibition, concert or creative event, please contact our Arts Manager, Jeannette Davison, (03) 9439 7712.