Karen Wells - Tilted Air
SATURDAY February 9, 2pm

In an internal space, do you think about how you breathe and how you feel?  And has there ever been a space where you felt that you could stay, realise your ideals and grow as a person?

Tilted Air is an exhibition that depicts what it means for the artist when she attempts to tap into these kinds of emotions and ‘feels’.  Intuitively installed abstract works have been developed with locally-sourced remnant materials and primarily in response to the former residence through chance, experimentation and whimsy.  Recent personal history, sensory perceptions, and concerns about wellbeing and lived spaces, evoke ideas about what it means to live a life that you create for yourself and really want.  

Residents Gallery. Open 9am-5pm, seven days a week

Exhibition Dates: January 24 - February 16

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Anna Farago - #daddyasbirds
Wednesday February 27, 2pm

#daddyasbirds is a series of small gouache studies and oil paintings which evolved out of a year of grief for artist Anna Farago and her daughter Cleo. Adrian Miles, Anna’s husband and Cleo’s Dad, died suddenly whilst riding his bike near Kinglake in early 2018. Adrian loved Australian nature and soon after his death, Anna began to connect with Adrian’s spirit through encounters with his favourite local birds.

Long Gallery. Open 9am-5pm, seven days a week

Exhibition Dates: February 7 - March 3