Montsalvat Artists In Residence

Open Studios Sunday 6th October 2019

Did you know that there are 16 professional permanent Artists in Resident and 1 visiting artist at Montsalvat?

The Arts Festival is the only time of year that the artists provide the public with an inside look at their working studio environments.  During the Montsalvat Arts Festival you can see these unique studios and talk with Montsalvat’s wonderfully talented Artists in Residence.  

“An artist’s studio is often a private and personal space. On Sunday 6th October we will open our studio doors to welcome you in, show you our talents, our work, what we teach, we will have demonstrations and talk with you about what we do. 

Some of us teach our craft throughout the year, so please ask us about our class. 

We look forward to meeting you.”


Musician and Frame Drum Maker, Teacher at Montsalvat

Matt Stonehouse will open his studio doors to discuss all things rhythmical. Matt uses steam to bend timber into the round shells that then go on to become musical instruments with a history dating back 5800BCE. Matt will be in his studio all day so make sure you drop in and hear these magnificent drums in action. Matt will have a few drums available for purchase as well as his oval shaped bentwood boxes. 


Textile Artists

Sue Thomas and Jo Ludbrook will have their glasshouse studio open on the Sunday. Their clothing range and cushions will be on display. Also things displayed outside their door, on a clothes rack and table. They will also have an area outside for children to come for free drawing using all art media. As they have done in previous years, it is an easy, no pressure place to sit and draw. 


Goldsmith, Teacher at Montsalvat

Jeanette creates fine, exquisite and exceptionally unique jewellery.  Specialising in individual and timeless engagement rings and weddings rings for both women and men. Her jewellery is passionately created and made by hand. Crafted from the most precious materials and gemstones. She works in gold, silver, diamond, sapphire, pearls, rubies and emeralds, sourced from her reputable and ethically conscious suppliers.

Jeanette trained at the Royal College of Art in London to master degree level and with Fox Silver in London, creating his design for BVLGARI.  She has been designing and making for over 30 years and is an award-winning designer jeweller, whose work can be found in public and private collections worldwide.  Her jewellery can be commissioned and purchased direct from her studio by appointment and through Australia’s leading jewellery galleries.

Jeanette also teaches jewellery-making classes from her studio at Montsalvat which are held all year round and can be booked through her website


Montsalvat Painting School, Teacher at Montsalvat

Don’s Oil Painting classes are held over 4 terms of 8 weeks each year with 2 classes per week. They are held on Tuesdays from 9.30 a.m. to 12.00 noon and from 12.30 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. Each class is limited to 7 students. His teaching is based on the methods developed by Max Meldrum and is classed as Tonal Realism with all work being done from life including, Still Life, Flowers and occasional Landscape.

Beginners and advanced students are welcome. Don’s work can be viewed at or in the Skipper Studio at Montsalvat.


Teacher at Montsalvat, Montsalvat Painting School

A tonal painter and teacher, Adam has followed the works and methods of Max Meldrum and associated students for many years. His interest in this period in Melbourne's art history resulted in Adam working in the studio of the late Alan Martin during the 1990’s, and he has painted regularly at Montsalvat since this time. He is a regular exhibitor and signatory member of the Victorian Artists Society.


Teacher at Montsalvat, Montsalvat Painting School

Over past year Angela has, as a personal painting "journey", been documenting Montsalvat's so-called “Monet" pond and the seasonal changes.
This pond accords a variety of subject-matter and circumstances which Mr Monet himself would not have contemplated. This very shallow pond, in Eltham, in an Australian Summer revealed on one approach a rabbit basking mid-pond on its bed of cracked and peeling, baked earth! 

Angela has enjoyed recording, in oil on canvas, standing pond side throughout all seasons: a pond brim-full of silvery water or water reflecting branches and cloud; first and last leaves on the willows; mud and remnant puddles; a rowboat at the pond edge; visiting ducks, fruit-tree blossoms; an abstract tangle of twigs and slime; and geese warming in sunlight on the grassy surrounds. The challenge of analysing the complexity of interaction of even a few of these visual elements, in an ever-changing light, could provide a lifetime of input (as for M. Monet). But she would be happy that if, in a single "sitting" (actually, standing), she could hope to convey, through painting, a mere hint of the magic and movement contained in the chosen subject. 

On this 2019 Arts Festival day, Angela hopes to stand and paint at her easel, pond-side, to select and paint yet another facet of its charm. If the weather does not permit, she’ll take an element of the pond (perhaps some willow strands) into the Art School Studio to echo her chosen and much-enjoyed theme and challenge! Angela invites visitors on that day to visit en plein air (or in the studio).



Simon is an established, highly regarded goldsmith who specialises in the creation of unique items of jewellery and other precious objects. Many of his most valuable and unusual pieces have been commissioned by connoisseurs and are held in notable private collections.  At seventeen he began his nine year apprenticeship to the sculptor and master silversmith Matcham Skipper. He is passionate about the intrinsic nature of gold and works only in 18 or 22 carat. He combines gold with ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond or pearl, citrine, tourmaline, spinel, ebony, lapis lazuli or black pearl. 


Traditional Scandinavian and Japanese Woodworker, teacher at various venues

Shinobu studied at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Furniture, Capellågaden in Sweden, the College of the Redwoods in the USA and later became an apprentice to a master Sashimono craftsman in Japan. In 2016 Shinobu received a silver medal from the King of Sweden for an almost perfect examination score. Whilst working at Montsalvat he plans to create more art pieces while inspiring others to learn traditional Scandinavian and Japanese woodworking skills in a beautiful heritage area...and all over the world.



Mary started practicing yoga with teachers who shared the deeper knowledge and wisdoms of yoga. Her interest in yoga was thus stimulated and continued, and she gravitated towards a yoga school where she started a regular practice. Here she found a place where she could ask the difficult questions and obtain answers on a spiritual level. She graduated as a yoga teacher in 2005.

At this point her art world turned from commercial work to images presented in quiet times of meditation and in her dreams.  As she was discovering herself through yoga, these images represented struggles in her personal development. These became her inspiration.

Now she moves straight to my canvas without preparation and transports those images, allowing them to evolve and take form. These are the introductory images depicting her journey to date. She enjoys illustration and would love to continue work in that field. She trusts that will manifest if need be. In the meantime she continues projecting onto canvas what her inner world wants to express. 


Ceramics, Teacher Adjunct Professor in the School of Art, RMIT University

Kevin White is an internationally renowned ceramic artist educated in England and Japan. His current research focuses on interpreting the porcelain traditions of Japan and the Japonisme seen in British ceramics of the 19th century. In 1985 he completed his Master of Arts at the Royal College of Art, London. He is currently Adjunct Professor in the School of Art, RMIT University. 


Glass Artist

Mariella is an award-winning Australian glass artist who specialises in hand blown and cold worked glass.

Her practice is based in the long tradition of glass making, a physically challenging and endlessly creative pursuit. She is inspired by the properties of glass itself to continue to perfect her craft, and to master the techniques and processes necessary to harness the innate beauty of this light-filled substance. Glass blowing is a demanding and exciting art form, a process as dynamic and fluid as hot glass itself. In contrast, when the glass has cooled it requires patience and precision to cold work each piece to completion. These techniques, such as engraving, carving, and polishing, require hours of painstaking work but are rewarded with intricate patterns, tactile textures and delicate forms.

Kate Storey

Researcher and Experience Designer, PhD Candidate RMIT School of Design

Kate will open her studio on Sunday to share her approach to the research and design of Montsalvats visitor and service experience.

Kate’s practice is founded in Human Centred and Service Design principles, she works and studies part-time. Kate completed her Masters of Design Futures with RMIT’s School of Design, and continues with them to develop placemaking expertise onsite at Montsalvat.

Kate’s initial stage of research is focused on ‘coming to terms’ with Montsalvat, creating a better understanding about how the ecology has developed, including the buildings, the people, their creative practices and values.

Kate will display several sensory research probes and be happy to talk about the research she is conducting to better understand the histories through the lens of four founding parties including; Justus Jorgensen, Sonia Skipper, Matcham Skipper and Whelan the Wrecker.

The intention of Kate’s research is to build a visitor service experience from the ground up (in line with UNESCO’s participatory approach); to improve awareness and deepen engagement with the sites heritage and creative service offering.

Kate is eternally grateful for the opportunity to grow and develop within the serene environs of the Montsalvat School, and for the inspiration that the place and the people continue to provide.