Belinda Rogers

Belinda Rogers is a contemporary abstract artist currently painting in the pool side studio at Montsalvat. Her works on canvas leave a small imprint of form as a doorway for her audience to open and step inside the work. 

The paintings are a collection of meditations, where colours and tones are collected in the subconscious mind and emerge upon her canvas. Her work often referred to as “windows" mimics the subtlety and grace of thoughts which lose their narrative and so return to the simple translucency of water.

Belinda is represented by Manyung gallery with paintings on view in Sorrento, Malvern and Mt Eliza. She was recently awarded first prize in painting at the Murrundindi art award. Belinda's work is exhibited extensively and is found in interstate and international private collections. 

She is currently compiling her third edition of "Flower of Three Dawn", a publication of poetry which reflects her devotion to zen philosophy and her training and practice of Japanese acupuncture. 

“Mind silent like the cedar
Before the breath of wind
First a sound
And then it breaks
An orchestra of twos and threes
Music for the watcher”

- Poem by Belinda Rogers

For more information please visit the artists website: click here

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