Carole Moschetti

Carole Moschetti is a painter, ceramicist and musician. In her studio, using primarily oils and gouache, she paints still life, the figure and landscape. Since 2007 she has studied tonal painting with David Moore.

As part of her undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne, Carole began fine arts studies and is a PhD graduate of the Arts Faculty. During this time she worked as a jewellery designer and photographer.

As a musician she plays the 5-string banjo and the fiddle in the style of old time American music from the Appalachian mountain region. 

Currently, Carole is exploring the relationship between painting and music in the Myra Skipper studio. The rhythm and vibrational energy that both genres share co-relates to the syncopated style of music she plays. This area of exploration demands attention and is her passion.

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