Jo Ludbrook

Jo's love of textiles can be traced back to the finely woven pale-pink wool security blanket with satin edging whose tactile qualities she loved when she was a baby, (the remnant of which she still has in a trunk).

It travelled with her through fashion college and art school, and all the way to England where she married and moved to the countyside of Norfolk in 2003. She's always been a keen collector of textiles old and new, and these fabrics alongside her sewing machine were the only things she took with her when she left Melbourne.

She spent 10 years in the UK branching out into Ecclesiastical vestments and the restoration of antique textiles, while building upon the business she'd run in Australia where she designed and made cushions for top department stores in Sydney and Melbourne (David Jones, Nest, Roost) and Hong Kong (Lane Crawford).

Instagram: @exocush

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