Ruth McCallum-Howell

Ruth has a Masters Degree in Fine Art and her unique glass sculptural forms are held by major galleries in both Australia and Hong Kong.

Ruth teaches beginner and master classes at various locations around the country, and also undertakes private commission work in Australia, Macau, Hong Kong and China.

“Most of the artwork I produce derives its inspiration and fascination from the relationships we all appear to share with our environment. If there exists an apparent underlying order within chaos, at the same time we have to accept that there must be chaos within apparent order.
Many of my artworks explore the concepts of naturally predetermined randomness within the medium itself, and also to the aesthetic results that arise from the competition and coexistence of elements. 

The methodology employed in the creation of my work allows for many different courses of events to take place, and yet each individual piece has its own order. It is as though the creation of this chaotic glass space has a set of rules relating to the composition and the interplay of its own logic; its own process and its environment. The aesthetic results of this are interlocking and repeating cycles, and competing systems vying for space.”

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