Sue Thomas

Sue is passionate about fabric.

Working from her sewing studio in the glasshouse at Montsalvat, she fuses colour, texture, drape and form to inspire creation in the making ofclothing, cushions and soft furnishings. Her carefully selected collection of buttons and trims, combined with textiles from near and far, ensure that all her pieces are unique.  Making use of even the smallest remnants, Sue prides herself on her ability to enhance the beauty of her materials. Drawing inspiration from the Montsalvat environment, nature and a world of fabrics, Sue's designs are many and varied whilst still maintaining her own style. 

Sue also works in conjunction with interior designers and sells her work to many shops in Melbourne. 

With many years of experience designing and creating, anything is possible with the help of her trusty sewing machine. 

Phone 0425 767 155 

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