Matt Stonehouse

Matt Stonehouse is a musician, composer and instrument maker based in the
courtyard workshop located behind the Barn Gallery. Matt handcrafts frame
drums from the Middle East, Central Asia and surrounding regions; drums with a
history dating back 5800 BCE, married with his own contemporary style.

As a percussionist, his recording credits feature on over forty albums covering
diverse musical genres- Baroque trio Latitude 37, poet and Rumi translator
Coleman Barks, award winning Turkish group Bashka, Ross Daly quartet from
Crete have all featured his unique style of percussion.

Matt composes original instrumental music on mandocello and mandolin before
adding percussive layers. He released an album of solo works, Rosie’s point of
, in 2016 whilst an artist-in-residence at Dunmochin artist colony in Cottles

For more information please visit the artists website: here

Instagram: @steamandlumber

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