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EXHIBITION: Gwen Scott – Pomona Series

Gwen’s collection of reduction linocuts explore the theme of Pomona using a variety of fruit trees, motifs and colours.

Gwen has produced nine prints in the Pomona series so far and has recently won the 2016 Print Council of Australia Print Commission with her print titled Pomona dreaming of her nemesis. To produce her colour prints, Gwen uses the reduction method, a printmaking technique that allows a multi-coloured print to be made with the use of a single linoleum block.

Using one block of linoleum, individual colours are built up by progressively cutting away sections of the block, printing the colour and repeating the process with subsequent colours until the block is reduced or completely destroyed.

The number of prints in the edition needs to be decided before printing and there is no opportunity to go back, modify previous colour layers or add additional prints to the edition. For these reasons, the method is also known as "suicide printing.”

Gwen loves the challenge and element of surprise that this method presents. Depending on how many colours are used, a ten colour print could take up to ten weeks to complete. Editions of her colour work generally number 30 or less.

Gwen Scott is a Melbourne-based printmaker working full-time from her home studio in the eastern suburbs.

All her prints are hand cut and hand pulled using 100% cotton rag paper, oil-based inks and Silk Cut linoleum.

The Boulevard @ Montsalvat, 6 November - 4 February

Later Event: November 17
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