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EXHIBITION: Chantelle Ferri - Sogni e Altri Mondi

Chantelle Ferri’s Sogni e Altri Mondi (Dreams and other worlds) are magical and mysterious abstracted landscapes.  Exhibiting a series of paintings and photographic prints inspired by Natural landscapes, her work awakens dreamlands, seducing the viewer with vibrance of saturated colour.
This body of work draws inspiration from psychedelia and visionary art, elevating natural landscapes from our reality to one of another world; constructing a link between the conscious and unconscious mind.
Chantelle describes her art practice to be visionary, often dealing with mystical, ethereal and atmospheric qualities within her work. She explores these themes through different mediums such as oil on canvas and photography. It is through these techniques that she can achieve a translucent effect through either layers of oil glazes on canvas or through the saturation of colour in her work creating a world of contemplation and natural beauty; also alluding to mother earth and even the feminine.
This exhibition consists of current and previous work by the artist. With over a decade of work on show from previous bodies of work including Dream Body 2007, Natural Magic 2012, Growth From Within 2012, Promised Land 2013 and Midnight Fantasy 2017Ferri’s bold and bright visionary artworks are unmistakably powerful metaphysical visual guides, drawing heavily on the esoteric and mystical influences. 

Long Gallery, 13 December - 7 January

Exhibition Opening: Thursday 14 December, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
All welcome, light refreshments provided
RSVP to Montsalvat on (03) 9439 7712 or

Artist Floor Talk: Friday 15 December, 11am
All welcome

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