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EXHIBITION: David Lowe - Complementarity

David Lowe’s debut solo exhibition invites viewers to reassess their conceptions of innocence, perversity and the relationship between the two.
Comprising of hand-sewn, crocheted and sculpted objects, Lowe’s creations combine the warm, familiarity of toys, clothing and furniture with an eerily organic physical structure that oscillates between comfort and discomfort in a strange, discordant unity.
Complementarity explores the notion that any two directly oppositional concepts comparatively define each other by nature, and must rely on one another to form a larger, cohesive whole. Grounded in a long-standing fascination with the idea of human embodiment, this show explores the inextricability of mind and body, and the consequences it has on our psychological and physical perception and understanding of the world. 

Exhibition Opening: Thursday 9 March, 6.30pm - 8.30pm - to coincide with Puesta del Sol
All welcome, food and drinks available for purchase