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EXHIBITION: Belinda Rogers - 15 stones

In the 15th century, in a garden north of Kyoto, a single stone was dragged from the mountain and placed upon the sand.
A woman observed its beauty and nature.  
The rock sat and stared at the sand for such a time that it began to forget itself.  Owing to a gesture of kindness, another rock was placed beside it.
Clouds moved overhead.
Upon seeing the other, a duality emerged.  Another stone appeared between them.
From the three, more arrived. 
As clouds gathered, the mountain awoke.  Observing its own unknowing, the mountain decided to seek an answer, and so followed along the path in search of the great dragon.
Time passed, long enough to speak at length with a dragon, until one day, the mountain returned.
Upon seeing the stones, the great mountain bowed low, and sat among them.
From this moment, each stone could no longer be viewed from a single point of seeing.
A woman observed.
The stones fell silent.

Barn Gallery, 22 August - 24 September

Exhibition Opening: Thursday 24 August, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
All welcome, light refreshments provided
RSVP to Montsalvat on (03) 9439 7712 or

Artist Floor Talk: Wednesday 20 September, 11am
All welcome