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Like Odysseus, and like Clothe, we travel through time and knot the border between the imaginary and the narrative. AKIN combines the practice of three artists in their exploration of identities and observed patterns of existence within the contemporary moment.
D.Simic's surreal collages – the geography of inner experiences – map and reflect on the difficult concepts around humanity. As an artisan and nomad, the voyage from Simic’s native country to Australia, via the expansive terrain known as the Nullabor Plain, explore and appropriate classic Australian Aboriginal motifs to forge a quicksilver topography of hazy mindscapes.
N. Simic paints feelings of unmeasurable happiness and euphoria, which are mixed with utter meaninglessness and nothingness! Civilisation metastasised into disease, absurdity and entropy. In such a situation, extremes merge, the dividing line between opposites disappears, and the remoteness between extremities is cancelled. 
M. Margetic's artworks both knit together and unravel, in a painterly manner, the abstract notions about identities in the contemporary Australian context of diversity. Women’s handicraft is a working library, where swatches, patterns and threads explore the concept of an identity narrative, creating a visual language of metaphors and symbols for a visual storyteller.

Barn Gallery, 10 January - 4 February

Exhibition Opening: Thursday 11 January, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
All welcome, light refreshments provided
RSVP to Montsalvat on (03) 9439 7712 or

Artist Floor Talk: Thursday 25 January, 11am
All welcome

Earlier Event: January 4
EXHIBITION: The Natural Wonders