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EXHIBITION: The Natural Wonders

The Natural Wonders is an exhibition celebrating the beauty of the local flora through textiles. As a creative textiles group we began working with the natural flora and exploring its dye and print potential.
The plant matter (leaves, flowers and seed pods) is enclosed in fabric. This fabric is then rolled tightly around a pipe or stick. The rolls are then steamed in a frypan or dropped into a simmering pot of gum leaves. After some hours or days, the fabric is ready. With anticipation we unwind the cloth to reveal the print. The results are never certain and will vary from subtle delicate shades to bold red eucalypt prints depending on the season, climate, species and locale of the plant matter.
From this palette of natural colours and organic shapes we’ve each developed our own artistic style.
Chris Field has created strong leaf prints and used these as the basis for her work, embellishing with hand and machine stitch. Denise Matthews has added copper metal to the natural dyed fabric and threads to create striking compositions. Lee Higgins has combined colours and textures to portray seascapes and abstract compositions. Ann Jackson has embellished leaf prints with hand stitch and created abstract designs by piecing together cloth prints and dyed threads.
The exhibition reflects the beauty and diversity of nature

Residents Gallery, 4 January - 28 January

Meet the Artists: Tuesday 9 January, 1pm - 3pm
All welcome

Jackson. Eco dyed vessels..jpg
Later Event: January 10