Being part of a workshop at Montsalvat is a great way to get involved with the artists. Montsalvat is an inspirational and creatively stimulating environment for artists of all stages and all ages.


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Starting 3rd November 2018 our most recent studio resident Matt Stonehouse will be sharing age old crafts such as bending timber with steam to create beautiful frame drums- the oldest known drums dating back 5800BCE from Anatolia and Mesopotamia. Students will use hand tools to shape the shells, apply goat skin for the drum heads and, depending on the type of drum, fit chains, snares or tuning systems before finishing with Danish oil. Students will also learn a few playing techniques during the course. These stunning looking drums sound absolutely magnificent and are sure to adorn any wall they hang.

Saturday morning classes: 3 Nov - 8 Dec, 10am-1pm
Saturday afternoon classes: 3 Nov - 8 Dec, 2pm - 5pm
Wednesday evening classes: 7 Nov - 12 Dec, 6pm - 9pm

Course details: 6 week courses- limited to 4 students per course   

Cost $650 (*includes materials)

For more information and to enrol please visit the artist's website here