Montsalvat is a diverse and complex organisation that provides an enormous breadth of activities and attractions for our guests and visitors. This would not be possible without the support and assistance from our partners and supporters.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their assistance throughout the year. Without their help, Montsalvat would not be able to provide the wonderful concerts, exhibitions, festivals and workshops that the community is so familiar with.

A business relationship with Montsalvat is a unique way to get involved with the arts in a mutually rewarding partnership. Montsalvat partners with both fellow arts organisations and corporate or government partners. There are no set rules about the way a partnership with Montsalvat is handled – we tailor each ‘package’ to the individual supporter. Options include supporting a single event (eg an exhibition) or a number of linked events (eg a series of concerts). Montsalvat is actively involved with education so there are also opportunities to support classes and workshops. Both cash and in-kind support is of great value to Montsalvat as we are a not-for-profit arts centre. Every dollar earned goes into running arts programs. 

 If you’re interested in getting involved with Montsalvat as part of a long-term partnership or event sponsorship role, contact us at