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Breathnú (bra-noo) is the gaelic word used commonly in relation to observation, consideration, and examination. Modern life has us constantly plugged in to a device, a 24 hour news stream, and offers us instant gratification at every turn. With this constant mental stimulation, simple pleasures become lost and we lose sight of what brings us true satisfaction, contentment, and happiness.

Breathnú will showcase the work of artists working in various mediums, all of whom will be reacting to the idea of Breathnú and what it means to them individually.

Curated by Shannon Mary.

Long Gallery, June 28 - July 28

Exhibition Opening: Saturday June 29, 1230pm-2.30pm
Light refreshments provided. Cash bar available.
All welcome.
Please RSVP to

Exhibiting artists:
Hannah Rae Powell
Kiaya Byrne
Frances Cannon
Georgia Naughton
Michael Mitsas
Kara Mandel
Elena Larkin
Olivia Morris
Emmy Horvath
Grace Taylor
Rosie Van Delden
Jennifer Ferguson
Piero Clemente Gareffa
Chloé Ménager
Alice Acton

Artwork credit: Hannah Rae Powell

Artwork credit: Hannah Rae Powell