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EXHIBITION: Kae Norman - Everyday Objects of Beauty

Having travelled and lived extensively overseas – there is nothing like home. I find the absolute simplicity and beauty of things around me such as a flower, a leaf, a vase and everyday fruit in a kitchen bowl. Some of the flowers bring memories of childhood, such as poppies which my mother gave me a life long love of. Colour also attracts me, from the natural tones of a barnacle – to the rich plums which compliment each other. Our food is stunning, a radicchio, an imperfect pear, a dazzling lemon, a vibrant pomegranate. We see them every day – and they are rich in colour, form and texture for me. I love them on their own, sitting in a negative space all around, almost floating. I think it brings out their beauty more than ever.

The drawings are done with a variety of coloured pencil, then carefully rubbed over with a spirit wash to melt the wax and pigment into the paper, creating a fluid and vibrant effect. I am self taught and love the control of the colour and shading available when doing this kind of work. It is intricate and time consuming but so so rewarding to sit and slowly bring a flower or a piece of fruit to life. I like to play with perspective, such as the larger than life blue vase and poppies. Or to make things as exactly as if you could touch them, like a persimmon, or a lily, as if they are in your hand.

Mother nature is always providing us with inspiration, and along with man made vases to compliment her, I hope you enjoy these “Everyday Objects of Beauty”.

Residents Gallery, September 20 - October 13

Exhibition Opening: Friday September 20, 6.30pm-8.30pm
All welcome
Light refreshments provided
Please RSVP to

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