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EXHIBITION: Ellen Hanauer - Oneness

Ellen Hanauer’s anatomical mandalas speak to the spirituality of community and connection to the universe. These corporeal prints began as pencil drawings, that were digitized and engraved on a laser printer. The human figures have been transformed into something spiritual, which speaks of sacred space and meditation in a playful and soulful way. The sculptural effects of the engraving beckon the viewer in for a closer look.
Hanauer’s work was impacted early in her career at Rutger’s Medical School, where she studied anatomy. She observed bodies from all walks of life being dissected in the cadaver labs, and beneath the skin of the cadavers, division based on class structure, race, religion, politics, and gender seemed even more irrelevant than ever. Over the years, she has observed the commonalities we share with others and has strived with this new body of work to depict humanity at its highest elevation, bringing cooperation and respect to the forefront.
Ellen Hanauer is an exhibiting and commissioned artist who has shown nationally in museums, universities, and galleries and was awarded the First Theoretical Prize from Oxford University.

The Boulevard @ Montsalvat, 9 February - 7 May

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