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EXHIBITION: Gillian Lever - Sustain and release

‘Perfusion’ is a term describing the distribution of fluid within a bodily organ. Sustain and release is a work that aims to perfuse the environment it occupies — filling up trajectories or streamlines, without destroying or displacing what's already there. When you perfuse an organ, you don’t change its shape or size. You add to it in such a way that it either thrives or is poisoned.

Sustain and release is concerned with the interaction between two separate sound spaces. The first is that created by existing sounds in the gallery space; birdsong, voices, footsteps, overhead aircraft, running water. The second is that introduced by the composed sound, emanating from the installed speakers. How these two spaces overlap, converse and shift is a central inquiry of the work.

Developed using only sound sourced from a single piano as it was deconstructed and destroyed, the piece has been composed with reference to the Resident Gallery’s own sound environment, taking on rhythmic, textural and other sonic imagery from what is present in the space, and working with this sound space to form an interwoven composite sonic environment, a sound perfusion of the gallery space by the installed composition.

Residents Gallery, 9 - 20 January

Meet the Artist: Sunday 13 January, 3pm-5pm.
All welcome

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