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EXHIBITION: Mia Freeman - Tender are the Hunters

Predatory animals play an integral part in maintaining the balance in our eco system. They are indispensable, and yet through fear, misunderstanding or simple neglect they often end up on the fringe of extinction.

A decline in Australia’s apex predators has seen the rise of invasive species such as feral cats and foxes who unlike our native hunters,  are a detriment to the environment. These introduced animals have contributed to Australia claiming the devastating record of the highest rate of mammal extinction with countless populations of flora and fauna species are being lost. Now, due to human activity we are witnessing the beginnings of the Earth’s sixth mass extinction.

‘Tender are the hunters ‘ is an exploration and celebration of Australia’s carnivores. In this Series Mia has adopted an ethereal and in turn hopeful quality to her works. Portraying the Hunters in a light that’s not so intimidating and reminding us that in a time where our eco system is at its most fragile, of the increasing importance to protect them.

Mia’s use of rhythmic, organic shapes and line-work, Provides a visual link between the predators and the land. Highlighting how, in a world that often devalues them, their survival is directly tied to the future of the broader environment and the animals in it.

Mia’s intention for this collection, and the driving force behind her overall artistic practice; is to raise awareness and a heightened appreciation for the unique beauty of this country and its vast array of creatures.

Long Gallery, October 24 - November 18

Exhibition opening
24th of October from 6.30pm – 8.30pm
All welcome, please RSVP to