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EXHIBITION: Kate Cross - Still Life Paintings

These works are a personal reflection of the tonal painting genre. The still life oil paintings feature the everyday as their subject matter.  Painting from life can provide the basis for experimentation. A chance to explore an object, form, colour, composition and technique.  

These works were part of a much larger body of work painted through last year in which I was exploring the local area where I live and work creatively. I like to work in small series. Series can develop independently or in conjunction with one another.  I was privileged to have an Artist’s Residency at Montsalvat late last year in the Gatehouse Studio which allowed me to explore my creative arts practice extensively.

These works were all painted at Montsalvat.  The works depicting fruit, vegetables and eggs, were painted in Matcham Skipper’s Studio with controlled lighting. A pumpkin, grown at home was the initial subject matter. The floral studies featured, are Montsalvat roses painted in the Gatehouse Studio with natural light.

Residents Gallery, 21st March - 14th April

Meet the Artist:
Saturday 23rd March, 12pm - 2pm
Sunday 14th April, 1pm - 3pm