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EXHIBITION: Damien Skipper - Sprigs

In nature there is a decidedly vivid use of green; green is everywhere. Trees are green and grass is green. Humankind however, hardly ever use green in their everyday life. Cars and clothes are rarely ever green.

Within a limited palette of colours there are various combinations that may never have been used by anyone. Think of the first person to begin using orange and pink together, or even the person who first thought of adding a third colour to a painting to achieve a visual satisfaction.

A good painting or artwork sends back to the viewer, the love that was put into making it, like a medieval mirror made of metal, polished to reveal a person’s reflection.

Residents Gallery, April 17 - May 12

Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 17th April, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Light refreshments available
Please RSVP to or on (03) 9439 7712
All welcome

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