Welcome to Montsalvat

EXHIBITION: Brigitte Haldemann - "Querencia"

Local artist, Brigitte Haldemann an exhibition of textile and mixed media works. Residents Gallery, 2 December - 25 January.

EXHIBITION: Emma Michaelis - "Subsistence"

Melbourne-based artist, Emma Michaelis presents her first exhibition at Montsalvat, exploring and reconstructing the figure. Long Gallery, 3 December - 1 February.

EXHIBITION: Robyne Latham & Maree Clarke - "Here and Now"

Despite artists Maree Clarke and Robyne Latham having professionally collaborated over some 20 years, this joint exhibition is their first. Montsalvat is the chosen venue for HERE & NOW. Barn Gallery, 4 December - 26 January.

EXHIBITION: Lisa Nolan - "Lightworks"

Dunmoochin-based artist, Lisa Nolan presents a series of works delving into how light affects and transforms landscapes. Boulevard @ Montsalvat, 5 November - 1 February.