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EXHIBITION: Tracey Lamb – Point of View

“Point of view” is a four part sculptural installation made from salvaged steel. The work brings a playful contrast to its surrounds by combining colour and form as a spatial intrusion within the sublime landscape and the historical architecture of Montsalvat.

“The modern preoccupation with space was thus founded on an understanding that the relationship between a viewer and a work of art was based on a shifting “point of view” determined by a moving body… “ Warped Space, Anthony Vidler

You are invited to walk around, to gather, to take a seat, to shift, to make conversation, to gaze, to take photographs, to look through or past the work, framing and reflecting on your point of view. Point of view pays homage to the life and work of Sonia Skipper, (1918 - 2008) an original member of the Montsalvat artists’ colony. Skipper was a painter, sculptor and builder who contributed to the creation of the architecture, furniture and decorative elements on this site.

Materials: steel with powder coating

Grounds, 16 October – 9th December

IMG_0847 2.jpeg