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GROUNDS EXHIBITION: Christabel Wigley - The Tudors

Following a diverse career which has taken the artist across the globe, Christabel has settled in Australia on the Mornington Peninsula. A fund raising function organised by the local Primary School unexpectedly revived her interest in carving and working sculpturally: as a challenge, large Cypress tree trunks were given to various people and while most decided to paint the vertical poles Christabel, with minimal intervention, began incising apertures and slits. Now, a decade later, her distinctively carved tree trunks can be found at numerous locations on the Peninsula: Elgee park, Rosebud Secondary College, Queenscliff Ferry Terminal, Flinders and Recipient of the Montalto sculpture prize.

The Tudors investigate the fusion between Art and architecture; and how they effect us.

The work’s are created entirely from reclaimed timbers, thus honouring the tree through the transformation of carving into an abstracted version of their former glory, where my inspiration and awe originated.

The Grounds